dream cloudz hosting rules

i have a some rules for websites that are hosted under dream cloudz. make sure that you are following these at all times

- You must be a doll/graphic/pixel/resource/art website
- No homophobic, transphobic, racist, or hateful people/content allowed
- It should go without saying, but no child pornography allowed. nsfw content is okay, but anything depicting child pornography is not allowed.
- You must know how to use a ftp account/be able to figure it out. I won't be able to help you with it or teach it to you.
- You must have some knowledge of creating websites/design. I won't be teaching you any of that either.
- You must visibly have a link to dreamcloudz and dreamcloudz hosting on your website

- Stealing:
- I left this for last because it's complicated lol. You obviously must give credit to where you get any of your resources/dolls/graphics/etc. from. We’ve all saved patterns, brushes, and other resources from websites on wayback that are no longer up. Even back then we were saving patterns and whatnot and still redistributing them on our sites. That is perfectly fine and I have no issue with that. However...
- You must credit wherever you've gotten the dolls/resources/graphics from, or have some kind of note up that you've found these somewhere else.
- If it's noticed that you've not put a credit somewhere on your site, you will be given a warning and notified asap that you must add a credit. If you've received more than 3 warnings, I will delete your site with no warning.

Everything look good to you? Go on ahead and apply!